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Do you have Crome and want a better option? Tired of bugs, lack of support, and want the latest features available to the OBD1 community? Do you want to get away from eCtune, bugs, license renewals, and forced updates? We've got a great deal for you if you use an Ostrich package to tune with and you want to switch to NepTune. Check out the full details of the NepTune RTP System's capabilities.

eCtune Users: If you want to stick with eCtune, but upgrade from the Ostrich to the Demon RTP, this deal may push eCtune to offer something similar in the near future, just remember we were the first to try to help.

Already have a Demon RTP? You don't need to upgrade or trade anything in. If you have a Demon RTP already with Crome/eCtune and you want NepTune, you can purchase a license for the NepTune RTP software directly on our store for $150. You can switch between Crome/eCtune and NepTune at any time.

But I hear NepTune isn't as user friendly... NepTune has done a lot to become more user friendly, right down to toolbars with access to all of the tools you need, but not everyone knows it yet. If you haven't seen the NepTune Software lately, take a look for yourself to see how much it has changed:

Download the software today to take a look!

So here's the deal... Trade in your fully functional old tuning hardware for the latest available, the NepTune Demon RTP Package! A brand new Demon with the power of NepTune at your fingertips without having to deal with selling your current equipment on eBay. We'll even give you fair market value!

What's Included? Included in this package is one Demon RTP board and one full license for our NepTune RTP software backed by our 20 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you purchase this package directly from HRTuning and you're not completely satisfied with our product and support within the first 20 days after delivery, simply return your RTP package and peripherals in perfect working condition and we'll give you a full refund of the purchase price and return your original tuning hardware back to you.

Upgrade to enjoy Advanced Datalogging, Datalog Commenting, Graphing, Live Graphing, Anti-Theft, On Board Logging, Closed Loop Wideband Support, and PWM Boost Control which are among some of the latest features you'll have access to, but there are plenty more. Along with these great features you'll have a solid tuning solution at your fingertips, full control over ignition timing without having to worry, and access to ignition corrections with the ability to disable - something Crome simply doesn't offer.

Who is this deal for? Anyone with eCtune or Crome currently using an Ostrich who wants to use NepTune as their tuning solution on their main vehicle. If you need an extra RTP package, we can give you a multi-unit discount. Now those of you who need to burn Crome chips for other vehicles or still offer tuning services, this will still work for you! The latest version of Crome has support for the Demon. You can easily switch between using Crome and NepTune to tune with which will allow you to still offer Crome while using NepTune on your own vehicle. Simply choose "Reset Demon" in the NepTune RTP software and you're ready to use Crome again. When you try to connect with NepTune again it will reintialize it for use with NepTune. It's that simple. You will not be able to burn NepTune chips with this package.

So let's go over the options:

Send us your working tuning hardware (We will test it) and get credit towards a NepTune RTP System today! It is recommended you use a burned copy of your tune to hold you over during the shipping process if you need to use your vehicle, however, we can send you a burned copy of a tune you supply to us for this purpose.

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Ostrich 1 By Itself

Ostrich 1 and Hulog Together

Ostrich 2 By Itself

Ostrich 2 and Hulog Together