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    Default Why I do not tune Crome anymore.

    The main reason why I do not like to tune crome anymore is that Crome advances the timing over the tables and I have no control over it. It is good for stockish motors, but when you have more compression or boost, it is because harder to control the knock threhold.

    Neptune lets me control everything and runs the car better.

    I proud myself in what I do. I do not like a car to leave without having the best it can after a full tune. Crome does not offer that.

    Perfect example:
    I had a car that would not stop knocking on crome. I zeroed all the advances out in the software. It would still knock. Then I slowly decreased the timing tables. Nothing. There was nothing wrong with the car. Cold plugs did nothing. I finally switched the car to neptune. No knocking! I actually ran more timing in the car (table vs table) then crome.

    If you use crome, be careful. It is cheap, but would you want something that is that buggy?
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    Am i neptuned?

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    You may never know.....


    What would you recommend for a stock b20, into an ej, chipping a dx ecu with chrome or neptune?
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    good information
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