Year: 1996

Mileage: 0123

Title: Clean

Price: obo

Hello All,

Up for sale is my ek hatch. I have spent the last couple of months putting this car together. Unfortunately, due to work, time, and buying a brand new FR-S, i do not have the time to keep the car.

Before i continue with the details and mod list of the car i want to state a couple of things:

I do not need or am hurting for cash
Please research my previous cars for sale and see the mechanical quality that i put out
The car is kept in my shop and is available to view at any time I am not working
Everything was bought brand new at the honda dealer. I have complied a pretty big size stack of receipts
Not one shortcut was taken on this car
I will not settle for a price that i don't think its fair, so don't try and low ball


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I am willing to split the motor and engine to help lower the price. I am also willing to take parts off to help adjust the price for those not willing

The car has fresh fresh paint. Paint comes with a life time warranty against fading. Oem ppg midori paint was used. I spent $2200 to get the car painted. All the windows were removed to before paint.

The front end conversion was bought brand new and all oem

I spent $270 on the oem si lip from the dealer with employee discount
i spent $140 on the grill from the dealer with employee discount
Chargespeed rear lip $250
I spent $290 on a brand new rear bumper for the dealer with employee discount
I spent $170 on a brand new hood bra from the dealer with employee discount
Oem CTR wing $350
Brand new still in box tokico blues $200
Tein S-tech $150
All brand new clips for the every molding $300
Brand new tail gate harness $70
brand new tail light harness $50

Brake tuck $400
Wire tucks $400


I purchased a friends wrecked em1 and used the following parts on this hatch:

Power window conversion
Climate control
Ac boxes
Ac lines(not installed yet because i was going to polish the lines before installing) ac worked super cold in the EM1
Spoon rep mirros
Dash Harness
Floor harness
door panels
interior front and rear seats
rear disk conversion
cup holders and arm rest

I am asking a fair price of $3800 just for the shell with everything listed above. If you add up what i spent on the shell, you are getting the car for free. Keep in mind that the actually shell isnt added in the parts list.

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Motor: Price for complete motor $2500

Jdm GSR swap:

Jdm gsr block

Brand new oem from the dealer ctr pistons
Brand new ctr piston rings
Ctr rist pins
shotpened rods
oem honda crankshaft bearings
balanced rotatiing assembly to 10k
new oem water and oil pump


Jdm gsr head
all new oem valves
new valve guides
brand new timing belt
Midori painted valve cover


Jdm gsr trans
just rebuilt
all new oem syncros
new diff and final bearings
brand new f1 spec clutch and flywheel

Complete swap is 100% brand new including most of the sensors

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Now on to the pictures