just testing waters to see if anyone would be interested in trading or buying the car because if i get the car fixed im going to keep it. just my mechanic taking to long to get working on it because he has so many projects and i need a car to drive.

apparently the 97 Special edition accords have a dash harness recall and mine was one of them. i took out the dash and everything already and went to 4 different junkyards to get the harness (150$). its the harness that plugs from the block to the ignition and fuse box.

car ran fine before the harness went out . its currently not running and you'll need a tow. ( i can cover the first 50 dollers of a tow)

97 accord 4 doors
130k miles
AC, power everything
body is mint, has some fading on roof but what car dont?
has accord rims not steelies
stock sideskurts and front and back lip stock not aftermarket
leather interior pretty mint
100% stock no mods at all.
i got this car to be my DD for my family just my mechanic has so many projects like i said so just waiting for him to get time to fix my car...and if he does ill take this thread down.

i want around 2000 pretty firm or trade for a running car . these cars go for 4k all day on ********** so any unreasonable offers will be ignored. no lowballers. i really would like to trade for another 4 door because i have a newborn

ill have pictures up tomorrow
813 719 0580 is my number. text me anytime. DONT call after dark!!
don't waiste my time with unreasonable offers