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    [FS] [FL] 550 take it all

    550 take it all
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    [FS] [FL] Mint GSR Block (kendall)

    GSR Block bored out to 82mm with eagle rods and wiseco pistons 12.5.1 82mm. The block was freshly rebuilt 6 months ago with everything brand new. i have the pistons and rods out of the block so who...
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    [FS] [FL] B series goodies for cheap!

    Ls head with intake manifold and all bolts and screws-120
    B16 cams- 50
    Ls and gsr oil pump used-40 each
    ls water pump-20
    p75 ecu- 80
    82mm gsr bareblock with crank-280
    contact me at 201-787-7964
  4. [FS] [FL] Eagle Rods and Wiseco Pistons for only $400!!!!!

    im selling my gsr 82mm eagle rods and wiseco pistons 12.5.1. with arp rod bolts Ran great only used for about 6 months barely broken in....compression test was hitting up to 280...need gone asap its...
  5. [FS] [FL] 82mm 12.5.1

    82mm 12.5.1
  6. [FS] [FL] 82mm

  7. [FS] [FL] Credit card debt...and im ls vtec right now so to...

    Credit card debt...and im ls vtec right now so to put them in i have to spend more money which i dont have.
  8. [FS] [FL] thank you

    thank you
  9. [FS] [FL] Eagle Rods and wieseco pistons!! Barely Used

    I have barely used these rods and pistons its for a gsr block 82mm 12.5.1...ran a compression test and compression was up to 280 selling them for 450. call or text me 201-787-7964
  10. [FS] [FL] Gsr block, eagle rods and wieseco pistons and more!! (kendall)

    82 mm bored Gsr Bare Block-320
    Eagle Rods and Wieseco Pistons 12.5.1-450
    Gsr and ls oil pump used- 40 each
    B16 cams-50
    Ls head with intake manifold-120 (comes with all bolts and screws)
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