Racelab is proud to offer you great deals on quality injectors from Injector Dynamics. Known as one of the best on the market today, these injectors are the perfect option for your performance needs. They are all high impedance meaning great control without the need of resistors or an injector driver. Injector Dynamics fuel injectors are the result of batch testing large quantities of specially modified fuel injectors, and then carefully matching them into sets based on their dynamic flow across the pulsewidth range. The result is superior cylinder to cylinder consistency, even at very low pulsewidths. In addition to receiving tightly matched injectors, you will be provided with dead time compensation values across the entire pressure and voltage range of the injector. This data will insure that the compensations in your ECU work properly, and your air fuel ratios will remain consistent as atmospheric or voltage conditions change. Contact us if you have any questions.

Sizes currently available:
- ID725 - Nominal Flow Rate - 715cc/min
- ID850 - Nominal Flow Rate - 885cc/min
- ID1000 - Nominal Flow Rate - 1015cc/min
- ID1600 - Nominal Flow Rate - 1640cc/min
- ID2000 - Nominal Flow Rate - 2225cc/min

*Dynamic flow rates measured at 3 bar (43.5 psi) using VP Racing C16 Gasoline.
Pricing varies from application to application. Please contact us for the best deals.

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