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    Default JRSC, Aftercooler, Willwood Brakes, Suspension, etc

    So I have decided to put up quite a few extra parts for sale. I am not in a huge rush.

    All prices are OBO and without shipping. I am willing to ship, but would much rather prefer local pickup.

    Neuspeed X Brace:
    This part was a great addition to the car. It is the original under-car brace for the EP. I hit a large rock a while back and it caused one of the mounting cylinders to dent. I cut of the damage. It still mounts up and secures to the undercarriage just fine.

    Price New: $330 USD
    My Price: $175

    AEM UEGO Wideband Sensor and Gauge
    I bought this a while back for use on a K24A2 CRX I was building. I never ended up using it. Comes complete with sensor, gauge, and wiring.


    K-series Omni Power CMC and Hose
    Again, bought this for the K-CRX a while back. This piece is brand new. Still has all the covers on the fittings. All fittings included.


    Hotchkis Endlinks
    I bought a full set, only ended up using the front endlinks as my rear set was still in good shape. The rears are still shrink wrapped. Save money over new!

    New Price: $115
    My Price: $90

    SPA Electronics Dual Temperature Gauge:
    This is the best (IMO) gauge setup you can get on an Aftercooled JRSC setup. You can monitor pre and post aftercooler temps with a single gauge. Comes with all the wiring and documentation. One of my favorite parts.

    New Price: 278
    My Price: 200

    Willwood Dynalite Big Brake Kit (RSX-S, Fits 5 lug EPs)
    This is an RSX spec Willwood Big Brake kit. Rotors have plenty of life left. Includes several brake pads. Two track pad setups and a couple of street pad setups. Everything is in there. I got some brake fluid on one of the calipers during removal and the paint peeled. Can repaint prior to shipping.

    New Price: $706
    My Price: $250

    Ep3 D2 Coilovers
    I bought these used from Bioevolve (lets see who still remembers that guy). I ran them for about 35k miles, until the front drivers side damper blew. I replaced these a while back with a Koni setup and they have been sitting since. One of the rears has a bushing that needs replacing. These are rebuildable. The top hats in the front are in good shape and should be adaptable to other setups.


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    Ep3 Spec Inverted Tie Rods
    I ran these for about 20k miles. They were used in conjunction with the Tie rod bracket, but I found the bracket and the tie rods combined to over correct. uninstalling the bracket is a pain, so I chose to uninstall the tie rods instead. The spherical bearings are in good shape. One of the rod bolts is ever so slightly off-true, but this does not affect nut threading or engagement of the rod end itself.


    Injector Dynamics ID1000
    If you recognize the name, you know what they are. These are brand new, purchased just a couple of months ago. Everything is still shrink wrapped.

    New: 472
    My Price: 450

    Upper Radiator Hose with integrated gauge
    Monitor your ECT's directly! Great price for the assembly!

    New: 90
    My Price: 50

    BDL Fuel Rail
    Used for about 12k Miles. This thing is in fantastic shape. I attached a gauge to keep track of fuel pressure, but unfortunately my K24 setup's reduced clearance damaged the glass. It's still on there. It has the OEM fitting on the end, so it can be installed with a completely OEM fuel setup with no probs. I will include the fuel gauge as a gift.

    New: 130
    My Price: 100

    Simpson Harness Set
    These are expired, but in good shape. Great for shows. A domestic manufacturer with great track record.

    New: Not sure
    My Price: 80

    AIS Methanol Injection Kit
    In great shape, save money over new.

    New: 469
    My Price: 320

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    RSX-S JRSC Kit
    This kit is the kit you have been looking for on an Ep3. The shoddy JR manual tensioner is gone. In it's place is a ProtoType Racing Auto-tensioner bracket. This allows you use your OEM auto tensioner in it's place. None of the dreaded belt slippage typically seen on JRSCs! It of course includes all the other support brackets and spacers as required by by JR. Included are two belts made for K24 setups. It currently has the 3.0 inch pulley on there, but I also have a 4 inch pulley. The inlet Plenums TB threaded holes have been drilled and a set of high strength steel threaded inserts have been installed. This will prevent any over-torque damage during installation and makes it a much more stout

    My Price: 1800

    Aftercooler Kit
    This kit used to belong to Tmarting over at Clubrsx. If you followed the progress, you know this is the premier kit out there. The Bell core has been upgraded to 3/4 lines. The FrozenBoost Dual pass heat exchanger which has been heat treated. The Moroso tank and has also been heat treated. Includes the Bosch pump and enough lines and fittings to mount and run this anywhere you wish. Also includes a water temp gauge and fittings to mount the sending unit to the bottom of the aftercooler.

    My Price: 775

    SSR Competition Wheels
    I have refinished the lips on these to remove all the grime that collected over the years. The actual spokes are in great shape. I will include TWO sets of centercaps. Three of the tires are currently in pretty good shape. I will update some pictures tomorrow once I get some daylight.

    Boyo Rear View Camera
    I got this a while back and never installed it. It works great with aftermarket touchscreen units (I know for sure it works on the AVIC series). It can be used on OEM setups using a Modifry adapter. It attaches to the upper portion of the license plate mounts. The unit is new, never been used.

    New: 120
    My Price: 70

    RSX/EP3 Test Pipe
    I used this a few years ago during my first k24 swap. Great addition for quick power or to complement a turbo kit's downpipe. It includes a defouler setup that should keep the dreaded CEL from popping up.

    New: 95
    My Price: 50

    RSX OEM Radio
    This is a complete setup. All the speakers, original headunit, and rear speaker.

    My Price: 70

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    I also have a k20a3 with a k24a1 head I am looking to offload. The motor ran strong until it was pulled in favor of a k24a2. It has just over 37k.

    Great as a base for a boosted build. Comes with almost all relevant sensors.

    $300 bucks
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