Please pay attention to the date in the thread title. Items, prices, terms, and dates are subject to change. Best payment method is via PayPal secure payment. Please PM me for interest or questions.

Also, please feel free to txt for direct contact with any interest in posted items: (405) 826-4128

Note to buyer: all items are always shipped out day of payment receipt unless after post office hours.

SALE Items in RED


Pictures of these parts are self-explanatory, but I can get them for you upon request.

  • F23A1 Semi-Complete Head
  • F23A1 Intake Manifold - Upper & Lower Plenums;Two Available
  • F23A1 Thottle Body - Two Available
  • F23A1 Block - STRIPPED, Just The Aluminum Block
  • F23A1 Pistons - Will need new rings obviously
  • F23A1 Girtle
  • F23A1 Components - Anything else having to do with the top or bottom ends. PM or text me directly for best feedback! Serious inquiries only.

Forsch Polymer Co. DIY 88A Polyurethane Mount Molding Kits (x2) - $75 SHIPPED

I ordered these 2 kits to mold my own mounts, but I did not have access to an oven at the time and then due to car troubles and my relocation I cannot utilize them at this time. Obviously these 2 kits are unused, and just opened to take the picture for the sale. My loss your gain! Much more efficient than buying $325+ Innovative mounts, and functionality is the same if not better.

SUNPRO Mechanical Oil Pressure Gauge - $15 SHIPPED

OEM Honda V6 Climate Control Knobs - $15 SHIPPED

MSD Ignition Digital 6 PLUS - $85 + Shipping

OEM Honda Crank Position Sensor - $30 + Shipping

Rare and very expensive part if purchasing from the dealer. If yours went out, here's your chance to get one cheap.

6thgen Spark Plug Wires by NAPA - $35 Shipped - SALE PRICE, $10 off

Unknown mileage, but perfect spark and no cracking or defects with wires. They look pretty new.

OEM Honda Spark Plug Wire Hangers - $7 + Shipping For Both

OEM Honda I4 Alternator - $40 + Shipping

OEM Honda 1998-2000 4-Cylinder Passenger Side Multiplex Control Unit (Multiplexor) - $50 SHIPPED - SALE PRICE

Two Available.


Perfect for those converting to either OBD1 mode, or both OBD1 and turbo applications. Two available, and each comes with needed 2-wire Pigtail.

OEM Honda 2-Wire IACV Pigtails

Included with sale of each OBD1 IACV, but also available for seperate purchase for $10 (Each) SHIPPED.

GREY Color Switch Blank - $7 SHIPPED

OEM Honda Rear Seat Trapdoor Latch - $20 + Shipping

Perfect for if your trunk access door is broken and you need to replace this part. Easy installation too, just two screws.

OEM Honda Primary o2 Sensor (Bank 1) - $30 + Shipping - SALE PRICE

Three available.

OEM Honda Center Console Cubby Cover - $15 + Shipping - SALE PRICE

Includes all 4 mounting posts, with respective clips intact - 10/10. Two available!

OEM Honda Rear Cupholder - $10 + Shipping

OEM Honda Beige Switch Blanks - $7 (Each) + Shipping

Two available.

Lightly Modified x 1. Good for if you are putting a switch or light there anyways!

OEM Honda Cruise Control Switch - $15 + Shipping - SALE PRICE

Two available.

Blank Radio Cubby Replacement for Aftermarket Stereos - $13 Shipped - SALE PRICE

Pictured in the second image, is a small crack on the left size of the plastic, but this will NOT affect functionality or fitment of the unit in any way. With or without the integrity of this piece, the unit will bolt in perfectly and remain in place.

OEM Honda Beige Rear Door Handles - $15 (Each) + Shipping

Two of each side available.

Beige Rear Floor Mats - $8 (Each) + Shipping

Condition 9/10 - great replacement mats for your coupe or sedan rear seats!

OEM Honda Rear Door Levers - $8 (Each) + Shipping

OEM Honda Rear Seat Belts - $30 (A Set) + Shipping - SALE PRICE

Pristine rear seatbelts from my Accord sedan. Good replacement for tough broken pieces, as our cars are only getting older!

OEM Honda Fuel Rail - $25 + Shipping - SALE PRICE

OEM Honda EGR Valve - $30 + Shipping - SALE PRICE

OEM Honda VTEC Solenoid - $40 + Shipping

Will be degreased and decarbonated for buyer before shipment. Two are available.

Steering Column Controls Unit - $70 Shipped - SALE PRICE, $25 off regular price of $95

OEM Honda Silver Door Handle (Right Rear) - $15 SHIPPED

Sedan Beige Center Console - $25 + Shipping

Beige Glovebox - $20 + Shipping

OEM Honda Windshield Cowl - $15 + Shipping

Styrofoam Bumper Insert - $12 + Shipping

Driver Side Fender Liner -$18 + Shipping

8/10, you can see the ONLY area of damage pictured, and even so it's on the very bottom.

Underhood Heat Liner - $20 + Shipping

Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir - $16 SHIPPED
Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir Motor - $15 SHIPPED

Both for $30 SHIPPED.

Handbrake Handle and Adjustment Mechanism - $25 + Shipping

OEM Honda Windshield Wipers - $20 + Shipping (Per Set)

Two sets available.

OEM Honda Door Sensors - $15 (Each) Shipped

$50 SHIPPED for all 4.

OEM Honda Trunk Lid Sensor - $15 SHIPPED

Beige Driver Side Mirror Trim - $13 SHIPPED

Beige Passenger Side Mirror Trim - $13 SHIPPED

OEM Honda Trunk Lock Mechanism - $25 SHIPPED

OEM "Accord" Chrome Emblem - $10 SHIPPED

Condition - 7/10; It's weathered and a little pitted from the elements. Would be good for a chrome, gunmetal, or flat/gloss black respray!!

Beige Interior Driver & Passenger Door Handles - $14 (Each) Shipped

$25 SHIPPED for the pair. Include automatic lock switches.

Trunk Interior Hook - $6 SHIPPED

OEM Honda Rearview Mirror - $15 SHIPPED

Beige Brake Light - $16 SHIPPED

Beige Driver Side Speaker Cover - $10 SHIPPED

Beige Trunk Opener Trim - $12 SHIPPED

Beige Middle Seatbelt Cover - $6 SHIPPED

OEM Honda Non-Foldable Driver Side Silver Mirror - $45 SHIPPED

Black Gauge Bezel - $15 SHIPPED

Left Vent Cubby Tray - $6 SHIPPED

Left tooth as you can see if broken off, not sure how. It should still work, be aware of damage though.

Emergency Accessory Tray & Cover - $17 SHIPPED

Beige Driver Side Visor - $20 + Shipping

Beige Passenger Side Visor - $20 + Shipping

Black Shifter & Cupholder Trim - $20 + Shipping

Trunk Cubby Tray - $10 + Shipping

Two available.

Jack Access Area Cover - $8 + Shipping

Two available.

Beige Fuse Panel Covers - $7 (Each) + Shipping

$15 + Shipping for both.

Dark Brown Passenger Side Fuse Box Cover - $7 + Shipping

OEM Honda Rear Knuckle Arm - $8 + Shipping

OEM Honda 15/16 Brake Master Cylinders - $40 (Each) Shipped

OEM Honda Battery Tray & Tie-Down - $17 Shipped

OEM Honda I4 Air Intake System - $25 + Shipping

OEM Honda LX Hubcaps - $35 Shipped

Two of them are in almost perfect condition. The other two, have some significant scratches. They're hubcaps, what do you expect - that's what they're there for.

Passenger & Driver Side Rear Window Regulators - $60 (Each) + Shipping

Under-Hood Weather Seal - $15 Shipped

Right Rear Door Seal - $20 Shipped

Left Rear Door Seal - $20 Shipped

Right Front Door Seal - $20 Shipped

Trunk Seal - $20 Shipped

Hood Locking Mechanism & Cover - $20 Shipped

OEM Honda Windshield Wiper Motor - $45 Shipped

Left & Right Rear Locks & Lock Actuators - $40 (Per Side) Shipped

98-00 Sedan Top Bumper Support Crossmember (HMM) - $25 + Shipping

Brand New I4 Oil Pan Gasket - $10 Shipped - SALE PRICE

No picture, since it's pretty self-explanatory.

Stock eBay Exhaust Gasket - $10 Shipped

OEM Honda EX Sunroof Switch - $14 Shipped - SALE PRICE

F23A1 Exhaust Manifold Gasket - $18 Shipped - SALE PRICE

Used. No kinks or bends. Light oxidation due to climate but does not affect function.

OEM Honda 98-02 Fuel Pump - $35 + Shipping - SALE PRICE, $15 off

The OEM fuel pump out of my car; works perfectly.


OEM Honda Dome Light Unit
Spare Tire Tie-Down
OEM Honda Silver Door Handle (Right Rear)
OEM Honda 1998-2000 4-Cylinder Passenger Side Multiplex Control Unit (Multiplexor)
OEM Honda 1998-2000 4-Cylinder Passenger Side Multiplex Control Unit (Multiplexor)
Headlight Corner Bulb Socket
OEM Honda 1998 Accord V6 ECU
KSC Glock 26C (Compact) Airsoft Gun
OEM Honda 1998-2000 V6 Driver Side Multiplex Control Unit
OEM Honda OBD2 3-Wire IACV
F23A1 Valve Cover
OEM Honda Cupholder
OEM Honda F23A1 Rods
OEM Honda F23A1 Crank
NRG Polished Torque Damper
Real Carbon Fiber V6 Engine Cover
AEM UEGO Wideband Controller
Xenocron Chipped P28 ECU & 3 ZIF Chips
Xenocron OBD2B to OBD1 Conversion Harness
Oakley Square Wire 2.0 Sunglasses
OEM Honda Fog Lights (Raybrig Japan)
OEM Honda Beige Steering Wheel
OEM Honda Clock Bezel & Hazard Switch
OEM Honda Switch Blank
OEM Honda 1998-2000 4-Cylinder Driver Side Multiplex Control Unit (Multiplexor)
OEM Honda Driver Side Vent / Cubby and Bezel
TomTom One GPS
OEM Honda Fuel Injectors
OEM Honda Rear Tail Lights
OEM Honda Beige Middle Armrest
OEM Honda Accord Radiator
OEM Honda Passenger Side Headlight
OEM Honda EX Sawblade Wheels
Custom "Big 2" Grounding Kit
F23A1 Complete Head
OEM Honda 4cyl. Muffler
OEM Honda 4cyl. Resonator
OEM Honda Valve Cover Bolts
OEM Honda OBD2 3-Wire IACV
OEM Honda Accord Fog Light Switch
Forge Motorsports Manual Boost Controller
OEM Honda Air Conditioning System
OEM Honda I4 Header
OEM Honda Driver Side Airbag
OEM Honda Passenger Side Air Bag
OEM Honda SRS Airbag Module
OEM Honda SRS Rotational Module
OEM Honda Middle Armrest
Left Cubby Tray
P28 Chipped & Tested ECU
Kaizenspeed Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
Generic Strut Bar
OEM Honda Climate Controls & Bezel
OEM Honda Driver Side Multiplex Control Unit
OEM Honda Passenger Side Multiplex Control Unit
OEM Honda Valve Cover Gasket Kit
OEM Honda Front ABS Sensor
New DDM Tuning Slim Ballast HID Kit [H4/HB2/9003]
SPC Rear Camber Kit
Moates Chip Burner Bundle
OEM Honda Sidemarker Pigtails
SPC Front Camber Kit
Pharos Traveler 137 GPS Unlocked Smartphone
OEM Honda Beige Switch Blank
OEM Honda Secondary o2 Sensor
Clock Bezel & Hazard Switch
Chrome Honda Rear Emblems (x2)
18" Enkei RSV Wheels (Silver) 7.5 +45 Offset
Blox or Vortech 12:1 FMU
OEM Honda Climate Control Knobs
OEM Honda Primary o2 sensor
OBD1 Resistor Box
OBD1 2-Wire IACV
Autometer Phantom Boost Gauge
OEM Honda Accord V6 Hood Dampers
OEM Honda Multiplex Control Unit
HID Ballast
Center Cubby Box Top Cover
OEM Honda Driver Side Door Controls Unit
Map Light Unit
OEM Honda Jack & Toolkit
16" Wheels by Primax + Nexen N2000 Tires
OEM Honda Beige Steering Wheel
OEM Honda 98-00 Tail Lights
OEM Honda Accord V6 Hood Dampers
Map Light Unit
OEM Honda Components - Automatic To Manual Transmission Swap Kit
OEM Honda Exhaust System
OEM Honda Multiplexor
OEM Honda V6 Suspension Tophats
OEM Honda Radio Cubby
Blox Racing Oil Sandwich Adapter
Fidanza Short-Shift Adapter
Middle Armrest
OEM Honda Heather Mist Metallic Gas Lid
OEM Honda Radiator Fan
OEM Honda Mudflaps
OEM Honda Chrome Exhaust Tips
Front Cupholder
Neuspeed Sport Springs
Climate Controls Unit & Bezel
Autometer Phantom Narrowband Air/Fuel Gauge
DUAL MP3 Head Unit (USB/AUX)
DSM TD04 Turbo
A'PEXi RS V6 Mufflers
Climate Control Knobs
18" Enkei RSV Wheels (Silver) 7.5 +45 Offset
OEM Honda1999 F23A1 MT ECU
OEM Honda Sidemarker Sockets & Pigtails
OEM Honda Sidemarker Sockets & Pigtails
OEM Honda Secondary o2 Sensor
OBD1 2-Wire IACV
Megan Racing Front Upper Strut Bar
OEM 01-03 CL-S Battery Box & Cover
Injen "Cyborg" Convertible Cold Air Intake
Fossil Metal Dress Sunray Degrade Dial AM-3803 Watch
Logitech Mid-Speaker
DSM 450cc Bluetop Injectors
OEM Honda Multiplex Control Unit
01-03 Civic Yellow Fog Lights
01-03 Civic Fog Light Switch

Thank you for looking and I hope something appeals to you. Pictures available for all items upon request.

- Nikita