Hello Honda Classifieds, im posting this thread for my brother.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, i have to sell my project motor i was rebuilding for my EF SI due to tickets. Everything b series must go so i can throw a single cam in and drive it asap. Here is the list, Prices are FIRM, little negotiating on certain items, the HEAD IS SOLD ALREADY. Everything that i say is new is BRAND NEW NEVER USED. I was going to send the block to the machine shop for it to be decked, honed, miled, and dipped but cant afford to. I can text pics and tell you whatever you need to know. Legit seller here and everything is guaranteed good. Contact me through text or call. (386)215-0020 I work 8-4:30 so text than.. My name is Derrick.


B16a Block, 2nd gen disassembled. Polished inside, shaved oil ports. 200$ OBO
B16a Crank mic'd still in spec with rods 100$
Slightly used oil pump 30$
front and rear main seal (NEW) 20$
I have a brand new ACL race bearings, std size. (NEW) $80
NPR .020 oversized pistons and NPR .020 oversized rings. (NEW) 75$
Rear T bracket for ef with b series 30$
OBD0 B series Alternator worked perfect 75$ OBO
Half shaft for bseries in ef 40$
B16a Oil pan tapped for boost 25$
I have brackets, hoses, crank shaft ect.. just ask. Was a complete block before disassembled

B16a cable transmission with quaife LSD. Yes REAL b16a Tranny.
NO GRINDS, WHINES, OR ANYTHING ABNORMAL. Shifted like butter, ran Synchromesh. 1000$ OBO!
Exedy 9lb flywheel. (New) 200$ OBO
Exedy stg 1 Clutch kit bseries cable (New) 125$
Exedy stg 1 clutch and pressure plate used bseries cable 40$
GSR flywheel 20$
B16a Axles for EF both 60$ Slightly used

Hasport mounts bseries for EF With Hydro tranny USED ONCE FOR 2000 miles! 175$ OBO
Avid mounts bseries for EF with cable tranny 75$
B16a Cams with gears 40$
OBD2 Integra Type R Dizzy, slighly polished. Worked perfect 100$ OBO
OBD2 Single cam Alternator Like new 50$
Integra Type R intake Manifold. Ported for Nitrous but has plugs.
Bored to 66mm, and slightly port matched. 125$
Omni power Throttle body for ITR Intake manifold 68mm (New) 75$
B16a Throttle body 30$.
Socketed PW0 obd0 ECU for B16a no chip 75$ OBO
PR4 obd0 Ecu Manual 40$
PM5 ECU 20$
ARP b16a Head studs (NEW) In box 90$
MSD 6AL 6420 Ignition Module control box and Coil 120$ OBO
DC Sport 4-2-1 1 piece AC friendly header, no dents - 75$
B series into EF shift linkage 65$