Many training organisations provide certified courses in health and safety training. One prominent name among them is IOSH. nebosh international diploma envisions a world free from workplaces disaster. IOSH was awarded the NGO status by the international labour organisation for its untiring dedication in warding off workplace disaster. IOSH has been instrumental in approving many safety and health training courses across the globe. The most coveted courses offered by IOSH are based on Working Safely and Managing Safely. NEBOSH, which is another globally recognised health and safety course provider, is recognised by IOSH. NEBOSH offers courses, which are standouts internationally. Some of the globally accredited NEBOSH courses are International Diploma Courses for Constructional Safety and NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety. The accident-prone industries such as construction sites and oil refineries, frequently train their employees on these courses to avoid workplace accidents.
IOSH training gives strong awareness to the employees about the importance of workplace safety and moulds them to be on the lookout for health and safety lapses in the workplace so that the problem can be rectified before an accident. It is important for every organisation to give training for its employees to deal with health and safety issues in the workplace. They should also be alert while choosing the course and give the employees the apt training that fulfils their workplace health and safety needs. IOSH training courses will equip them to face out any possible health and safety breach in their office.