It is always like this with Sony: you don't need this tablet, the rivals look better but when you hold Tablet P for a while you just want to have it. I don't know why I have been carrying Tablet P for two days now if I have iPad. I don't know why I am trying to get used to it. And thought he ergonomics is spectacular on most cases you don't need the lower screen. But then in some cases you only need the lower one. There is no way you can make you brain see one 11 display instead of the two 5.5 screens: the gap is too big. It is funny how the form factor drives you to use this tablet as a laptop and type with two hands. And you might be actually able to do this if you spend some time. Then I close it and think that my iPhone can do everything this tablet offers. But then I see its LED flash so smoothly and I smile.

I'd recommend all Sony fans not to take any money with them if you are going to check out Sony Tablet P. it is just not worth the kind of price they put on its tag.

However, it is the right sort of a Sony toy if you are after this sort of things.

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