yo fhc i got a bunch of iphone accessories for sale and unlocking/jailbreaking as well
-backplates for iphone 3g/3gs/4 (they look like the back of the iphone just have an assortment of colors, they got the apple logo and info like a regular back does) 6$ each
-apple usb cords-8$
-apple charger block-8$ or get the usb and charger block for 12$
-iphone 3g/3gs/4 screen protector (different types, like mirror, glossy finish or privacy)-6$

i got other case's too like clear plastic, colored plastic, silicon cases..a bunch of different types.
let me know if you need anything else! i can get basically anything.
i unlock/jailbreak iphones as well
or fix whatever you need fixed broken screen, backplate, etc.

text me at 954 512 8453 or email me at iamaelement@aol.com
or hit me up on here!