I got everything u can think of for sale for civics, on the track and off the track ! Im not going to name everything becuase theres just to much to name here are just some of the stuff i have. Most prices are nigotiable !

K24-800 ( never ben used )
k series mounts-250 (never ben used )
5 lug-1200
k series pistons-400 ( still in box )
k series evo rods-400 ( still in box )
race barings-150 ( still in box )
head gasket-85 ( still in box )
rbc intake manifold-200
arp headstuds-100 ( still in box )
2000 ek radiator saport ( brand new ) -100
rear disc breaks with ball bearing bushings-175

i got to much shit to name ! Down to every nut & bolt ! Got wheels, seats, exaust just call and u can come see everything !

Fluidin ratiater (fat one)-100
3in obex canister-60
2000 back lights, head lights evry light u need for a teggy-100 ( all lights 100 bucks )
dc sport headers-500 ( for k swapped cars only )
r crew headers-500 ( full piping )
gretty blow out valves-60
hks blow out valves-60
aem fuel rail for b series-80
pick saspention brand new never ben used, full raise saspention-1,000 obo
gretty evo canister 3in-80
gretty evo canister 2 in a half in-70
stock gsr pan-40
3 in piping stainless steal-100
b series mugan headers-100
mugen seats-300
brid seats ( kind faided ) - 300 0b0
type r back seats-80
racaro back seats-150
carben fiber cooling plat ( brand new, you need this for the track )-100 from password jdm
cold air intake frm aem 3in-20
jdm corner & head lights for eg-25

like i said to much shit to name ! I have alote more just call & come see 954-394-5943 or 954-793-7612.