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  1. oo na its nt better type r i still better ratio,,,,the first an second is better dan a gsr an the final drive,,,bt my tranny isnt dat far off from it,,if i gt a b16 first and second the tranny gear ratio wuld be almost similar to the type r,......oo dats watsup,,,island yute
  2. i waz sayin better than and original type R which come lsd..i thought from St Thomas VI
  3. yea way better catch better traction from the dig...wit lsd both tires spin instead of one,,, wich means more power to the ground.....((jamaica))
  4. ok checc does it work normal or you think better than an original ... where you from
  5. bought the tranny like that but theres a place in miami dat does lsd over there they rebulit my tranny for a good price, its called mp automotive
  6. yow i see you have a post on someone page talkin bout your lsd did you get it lsd
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