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  1. alright , its an ek with a b18 swap , blow rear camber kit , short shifter , si steering wheel , civic front end and rear , radio , fuel regulator , sunroof , new paint that can be fixed for 300 and cv joint for 30 . and you can give the rims and i will give you steelies . sounds like a pretty good car to me . so lmk . peace
  2. i want a simple sohc vtec car + 500 or atleast minimum 1800 .
  3. I have gotten offers of 2000 but i want a car + cash . And the reason why i havent sold it is because some guy and gave me a deposit so i wont sell it and at the end i have top give the deposit back because his car was shitty and didnt like it . my car runs perfect . and i had 55 calls and im calling everyone back now . so lmk what you got thanks .
  4. 1800 people have offered me 2000 & the lowest offer ive gotten is 1800 or car + cash .
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