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  1. forsho man i know what ya mean ive been raped b4 in deals like i bought this dc teggy looked good on motor and outside and my parents own a garage to fix cars so i put it on lift to look underneath bp oil spill and the whole suspension ready to fall out car and russstttt for days so scince than i try not to get into sumthing i cant handle thx for the heads up yo i really greatly appreciate it man sum ppl are just a bunch of low lifes
  2. Basically I think he couldnt afford to finish the job and when he lost his job and got ahead of himself and ran it without the exhaust altogether with nos and ended up fucking the whole shit up. Maybe he figured he could run it once to feel the power once before selling it... BIG MISTAKE! These aint rc cars bro, you wanna play you gotta pay! Now he's trying to catch someone out there to get his money back. i say fuk it 2 tears in a bucket! If he was at least honest about what he did i'd give him some credit but since he's trying to merc someone out there, I hope he's the one that gets mercked!
  3. yep! He's been trying to rape someone out there pretty ugly. I'm glad you didn't buy it bro! I just hope he gets stuck with it 4 life! He's being real shady on how he's handling the sale. Glad to see his tactics arent working! He really swears there isnt shit wrong with the car too! Then he tries to catch you out there by riding on how expensive it is to do a k20 swap but the thing is he didn't even finish the job! Did he show you the dwnpipe he planned on using?? It's the factory dwnpipe!!! It wont even fit on the car!!! It runs right into the crossmember!!! I told him and he looked at me like a dear in headlights! said he would have someone fabricate it!!! WTF!!! If you can put this dude on blast as much as possible son! He needs someone to shove their foot up his ass!
  4. holy shit thx for heads up cuz he told me he broke axle from pulling it out the same day racing an srt4 and he said sum1 stole his hybrid harness his headers exhuast and k pro plus ama needa tune and i hadda get it towed from homestead it b4 u know it u might needa blow like 2k into the car
  5. Three months ago I worked on that car for 7 hours straight!!! He told me all it needed was a battery... (:-0 I bought a brand new battery, spark plugs and even took the starter out and took it to test and thats when i found the starter cable that connects to the block was broken too.By that time it was too late to pick one up at acura, we called ant they told us they were closed. I live in wpb So I told him to pick it up the next day and plug it in and call me so that I could hear it run and I would return to pick it up. Dude never called me nor did he ever answer my calls!!!!!! I was fuckin tight as fuck! So i spoke to my boy who's a certified mechanic and he told me he told me that he thinks he connected the nos and thinks the engine seized up on him... which is how he also probably broke the axle... I sent you another mess. that continues this one because it's too long...
  6. nah i never got it anyway missing stuff to get it running right too much money for me
  7. the blk ek hatch with the k20...
  8. what car?
  9. yo did you get that car from a cuban dude in hialeah?
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