SwapECU-K is a modified RSX Base Model (PND), Automatic ECU to a RSX Type S, 6 Speed Maunal (PRB).
It's fully working, it was tested in a RSX-S.

The advantage of this ECU is, that the Immobilizer, the Multiplexer, the secondary O2 Sensor, ELD Sensor are disabled.
This makes this ECU a great budget solution for you engine Swap.

SwapECU-K ECU is prepared for KPro. If you want to upgrade to a KPro you just need to cut out the hole for the USB Connector
and attach the KProg Board to the ECU. The Pinheaders and modification are allready preinstalled.

* PND ECU converted to a Type S, 6-Speed Maunal
* Reverse Lockup added
* newest Firmware installed: RBA080 (KPro is based on the older RBA060!)
* Immobilizer disabled
* Multiplexer disabled
* Secondary O2 Sensor disabled
* ELD Disabled
* KPro "Plug-n-Play" ready

Price $330 shipped in USA