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    Default diggysolo will screw you

    i recently traded a LS motor to this guy. my LS for your sohc.......with no cash on top! the deal of the century in my books! the only thing i asked for was a good running driving motor with a cable tranny. that needed nothing, but to dropin my crx. the deal goes down, and he leaves, no clutch? it was part of the deal. he says,"oh, its my friends, i cant give it you. WTF!! so he leaves. a couple of days later i go to drop the engine and relize a weird plug on the t-body. i had a guy look at it, and come to find was juiced. upon further inspection, i pull the timing belt cover and the belt is so loose it can fall off. i was honest and up front, why wasnt he? but long story short, i dont recomend dealing with this guy. or if you do you better do some good inspecting!

    oh and the cluych that was his "friends", he is now selling in the d-series tranny parts! go figure. just remember KARMA is a mother fucker!
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] JDM innovations
    eg coupe....single cam zc, 2 1/2" exhaust, cai, ap1 exhaust, chipped p06........(sold)
    93 eg ferio.....d15b..........(parted out)
    89 crx hf.......d16y8........(sold)
    88 crx si......b18a1.....going LS-V.......current

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    damn dats fucked up son

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    GAZA deh all bou


    wow bra here we go... u didnt give a the head u said u was the head i got was fucked i needed to get timing belt which u cut it who does that and it was new..
    oil pump
    fucked head
    blown head gasket
    tranny needs a case lower half u put 17 bolts in for the starter bolts who does that and i wasnt notified about that
    spped sensor
    also the block needed ring thats why i pulled the head off in front of u u said that the head bolts were too tight to take off and u are a bigger person than me wtf is that about
    oil pan drain plug was stripped new oil pan was needed
    tranny missing bracket which i gotta wait for from acura for bout a fuckin week
    throw out bearing and spring was fucked i didnt even get axles i got a fuckin half shaft i got 3 of thos wtf

    and my car was running i never told u i serviced that motor if u even listen when i talk i said that motor came for a eg hatch the manifold was a ef si manifold it had some boost injectors and the full throttle switch which i shoulda took off but which were left on ther just so see the motor start and it did on the first crank and i left em

    i dont screww people bra especially men i screw girl no time for this dumd key board shit u aint even call me ... and u got my number fuck dat u good... i got to buy shit u got to buy shit

    and bout the clutch shit bra u aint gettin it thats my people shit

    plus u gave me the shit in pieces i gotta pull bolts out my ass to put shit back together basically u aint give em to me oh

    this shit funny lmao karma is a muther lets see who that bitch bite

    i aint no amature yo take dat shit someplace else tryn to give people bad name just cause u broke and cant buy the clutch which i tried to make a deal for u to get but all u can say is "i have no cash" i aint been workin for 3 years

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    bullet bullet

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    lol idk know about this i neva had a problem wit diggysolo, son is madd cool and tries workin deals out with ppl and sells legit shit maybe just a mix up

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