ill try and make this short and sweet. I go to pick up some del sol seats from him and he gives me 3 different address's. first two never showed up on gps, finally the 3rd one did. and i wrote down and repeated each address from him so its not like i wrote it down wrong or anything. each address was completely different from the last, so its not like one number was off or something u know. so that in itself was shady.

secondly when i get there to get the seats. he tells me that the rails might be from a ek civic so they wouldnt match up for me. Now he told me this with a set of "freshly bought" s2k seats sitting in a del sol with all 4 bolts working. When i saw the seats i thought they were s2k bottom pans & hardware. i told him i didnt care cuz i had del sol pans at the house i was going to change anyways. when i took them apart it just confirmed they were s2000 hardware. which is nothing close to a civic. and all the bolts were NOT even hand tightened so it was obvious he had just finished swapping them out.

its about principles. i told the kid i didnt care about the bottom pans being different and he still felt the need to lie about what he had. its either that or he's just dumb but im not giving him that benefit of the doubt. so in the future just watch out what you get from this kid. cuz if he lied to me about this dumb issue im sure he will do it for other things.