The motor is still in the machine shop it hasnt been ran not ounce etc....the block is fully built below ill put specs on to what was done, in just laber alone it cost me $500 im letting the swap go for $650

all you need to do to this swap is put rods in it and your easily holding $300whp in a single cam

the bottome end

vitara 8:5:1 low compression pistons .20 overbored

cometic head gasket

arp rod bolts for w.e rods u get

honed block
decked block
over bored cylinders by a .20 overbored

hot tanked the whole motor
NPR piston rings
brand new oil pump
brand new water pump
timing belt brand new
block guard


arp head studs
hot tanked
3 angled valve job
valve adjusted to specs

im asking $650 for the built long block lmk at 786-262-1853 you would go pick it up at the machine shop remember all you need for this swap is rods and your done