This is a post to inform all of the members about BI (Bodily Injury). I know that theres a lot of people who do not have this coverage because it wasnt offered or even explained by their insurance agent.

So let me explain.

If you don't have BI Protection and you have an accident, you could pay medical expenses for:

1. Injured passengers in your vehicle.
2. Injured parties in the other vehicles.
3. Injured pedestrians.

Medical Expenses Usually Include:

1. Cost of Emergency Vehicle and care.
2. Physicians and Surgeons charges.
3. Hospital and or home care costs.
4. Medicine and Medical supplies.

Thats not it!!! This is where it gets complicated. Other expenses will include:

1. Court cost. (fines and penalties plus reinstatement of license. Reinstatement cost is 150 first offense, 250 the 2nd and 500 the 3rd and everytime after.)
2. Attorneys fees. (Yours and theirs)
3. Suspension of your drivers license UNTILL judgement is PAID IN FULL!!
4. FOR 3 YEARS You will be required to carry BI and an SR-22 which basically TRIPLES your premiums!!

There is a serious risk you take when you dont have BI. The funny thing is the state of Florida is the only state in the US that does not make BI mandatory. So know your laws about insurance and check your policy to see if you have it.

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